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  • Not only does the skin care on the surface, it does not allow the beauty to grow superficially. TST is dedicated to exploring deeper skin care methods, from technology to raw materials, and each series of products, all condensing advanced skin care wisdom and technology.
  • TST's new series of products, adhering to the "adhere to do the best" principle, continue to surpass itself, a number of scientific research institutions and personnel at home and abroad jointly research and development.
  • Using innovative technology and unique formulas, R&D achieves “Layered Skin Care Technology”, which encapsulates active essence ingredients, slowly releases nutrients, reaches all levels of skin, and is repaired by the watch and inner layers. For the majority of beauty-loving women, we have successfully developed the five-in-one and new-born mask creams and live-color mask repair series.
  • With timing function, cleansing 3 minutes automatic power protection, light therapy 5 minutes automatic power protection.
  • Lithium battery life 2 hours.
  • TPX 5 waterproof.
  • TST洁面仪/使用步骤
  • 1、卸妆后,用水湿润面部和光感净透洁面仪。
  • 2、取适量洁面乳,涂在面部或者仪器硅胶触点刷毛处。
  • 3、按下电源开关键开启洁面仪,调节+ 键以调整适合自己的强度,在面部轻轻打圈清洁肌肤。可变换档取得最佳舒适度,已达到最好的效果。
  • 4、电源开关键可切换震动和光疗模式。按一次震动,闪灯(白光)两下。再次按开关电源键切换为红光模式,闪灯(白灯)两下。再按电源开关键切换为黄灯光疗模式,闪灯(白灯)两下。再按后关机。闪灯(白灯)两下。
  • 5、+  切换声波档位和光疗模式的强度。切换时闪灯两下。光疗模式时,请将悬浮声波洁面仪的底部放置需要的皮肤位置。
  • 6、充电时底部闪烁白色灯,电池充满后白灯长亮。低电量时底部闪烁白灯。
  • 7、清洁模式下,3分钟定时关机。光疗模式下,5分钟定时关机。
  • 8、关机和开机都闪灯两次。
  • TST cleanser / use steps
  • 1, after makeup, moisturizing the face with water and light through the net cleansing instrument.
  • 2, take the amount of cleanser, painted on the face or the instrument silicone contact bristles.
  • 3, press the power button to open the cleansing instrument, adjust the "+" "-" key to adjust the intensity for their own, gently scrape the skin in the face clean. The best achievable effect is achieved by changing the gears.
  • 4, power switch key to switch the vibration and light therapy mode. Press a flash, flash (white) two under. Press the switch key again to switch to red mode, flash (white) two. And then press the power button to switch to yellow light therapy mode, flashing lights (white) two under. And then press after shutdown. Flash (white light) two under.
  • 5, "+" "-" to switch the sound wave gear and the intensity of the light therapy mode. Switch lights flash twice. In the light therapy mode, place the desired skin position at the bottom of the Suspended Sonic Cleanser.
  • 6, charging the bottom of the flashing white light, the battery is full of long white light. Low battery at the bottom of the white light.
  • 7, cleaning mode, 3 minutes timer shutdown. Light therapy mode, 5 minutes timer off.
  • 8, shut down and boot are flashing twice.
  • Benefits:
  • Moisturizing
  • Brighten and improve dull skin tone
  • Strong healing properties
  • Fragrant aromatic, fresh and pure
  • FEATURE : 
  • ★ Cool formula 清凉酷爽配方
  • ★ Light mist spray 轻薄雾面喷雾
  • ★ Various plant extracts 多种植物精华
  • ★ Long-lasting sun protection 长效防晒防护
  • 5 Major benefits:
  • Makes skin translucent, hydrated, protection from environmental stress, soothes and repairs.
  • A variety of natural extracts rich in polysaccharides and glycoproteins, can increase the degree of moisture and nutrient absorption. The moisturizing and soothing properties improved polysaccharide. And astringent sense of glycoprotein increases softness and smoothness, powerful moisturizing, emollient enhancements to prevent skin damage from the outside world.
  • Key ingredients:
  • Beer yeast: Brewer's yeast and hops from the natural raw materials.
  • Lactobacillus / North American grass: from California and northern Mexico from fermentation of raw materials.
  • Poly glutamate: Strong moisturizing, promote skin health.
  • TST new skin moisturizing cream high skin-friendly, fresh breathable, brighten skin rejuvenation nude makeup products, with skin care and skin lightening effect. It moisturizes and moisturizes for a long time, fully corrects and brightens skin tone, and satisfies the need for skin shine. Makes the skin beautiful and moving. Contains no chemical additives that may cause irritation to the skin, reducing dryness of the skin due to sun exposure and electron radiation, and aging stains. Moisturizing, moisturizing the skin, non-greasy, fresh skin without burden, can be used as a base cream before makeup.
  • Trial Package
  • # Facial Cleanser (25g) X 1
  • # Exquisitely Tender Moisturizer (Toner) (25ml) X 1
  • # Exquisitely Tender Emulsion (25ml) X 1
  • # Essential Serum (10ml) X 1
  • # Face Cream (15g) X 1
  • # Apple Skin Mask X 1 pcs
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Used in delicate instruments and computer equipment
Ideal for cleaning computer keyboards, optical instrument, removing microscopic dust, printers, timing devices, cash machines, fax machines, photo equipment, VCRs, CDs and delicate lab equipment
High pressure dust remover
Air duster is a high pressure liquid gas blend that removes dust and cleans with a powerful jet of dry inert gas
Prevents errors, downtime and damage caused by microscopic dust in electronic devices, data processing equipment, servo-mechanisms and cameras

  • Ukuran : Bidang  ( 90 cm x 90 cm)
  • Product Information
  • Name: European and American style square scarf
  • Size: 90cm*90cm
  • Gram weight: about 55 grams
  • Bisutang moisturizing colorful makeup spray refreshing oil control moisturizing moisturizing non-floating powder lasting does not take off makeup authentic
  • 碧素堂水润炫彩定妆喷雾清爽控油补水保湿不浮粉持久不脱妆正品
  • Faktor fungsian + aturan yang unik
  • * Gabungan faktor fungsian dan aturan yang unik, berperanan beberapa langkah, dan arah, dapat memerlihara paras gula darah dengan sepenuhnya;
  • * Polisakida daun murbei: meningkatkan keluaran insulin;.
  • * Kromium organik: mengurangkan rintangan insulin, membantu meningkatkan fungsi insulin;
  • * Mulberry alkaloid: penindasan makanan lebih lanjut dipecah menjadi glukosa, menyebabkan kadar glukosa darah tidak terlalu tinggi selepas makan;
  • * Formula Yang Unik, daun murbei, dan bunga kekwa keladi Bersama berfungsi untuk mengawal kandungan gula dan sebagainya.
  • Phytocare Toothpaste
  • Brand:Infinitus
  • Specifications:140g
  • Attributes:Phytocare Personal Care

- Ideal Age: 6m+
- Rattle noise
- Soft, holed top easy to grasp
- Safety tested
- Shake it, Rattle it and Roll it across any surface
- Guaranteed to provide hours of fun
- Develop sensory skills in style